Our sparkling Fringe Skirt is a combination of Decorative Novelty's Iridescent and Metallic colors. Whether you are having a beach party, a pool party, or a luau Decorative Novelty's Custom made Fringe Skirt is the perfect accessory. Each skirt is covered with an adjustable cotton band to ensure comfort and style.

Decorative Novelty is the main manufacturer of Metallic Vinyl Fringe Products in the USA. We can CUSTOM MAKE any size skirt you need.

Stocked Sizes Available:

Child (S) 30"Waist x 18"Length ($30.00)
Junior(M) 36"Waist x 27"Length ($35.00)
Adult (L) 40"Waist x 36"Length ($40.00)

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Cerise Iridescent Fringe Skirt

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