Decorative Novelty is a 1 Stop Display House that
Manufactures, Distributes & Imports Quality Visual Items used
in Multiple Industries:

Formed Visuals, Acrylic Crystal Beaded Products, Original
Custom Made Centerpieces, Over Sized Glasses is Acrylic &

Our company has been doing business since 1936. Decorative
Novelty's Reputation for Excellence is 2nd to none.
HLL7420 2' Diameter x 20' Column

Photo shows Full Column & Acrylic Bead

Electrical Attachment Included

Color: Clear Iridescent
HLLDR01 Swag Acrylic Bead

24" diameter x 4' long w/ 1'
Hanging Chain

Electrical Attachment Included

Color: Clear Iridescent
GSM - 11 Acrylic Ball

1' wide x 7' long w/
Alternating Clear Acrylic
Balls on Monofilament.
LED - W  LED Lights   On/ Off Switch, Replaceable Battery,

Colors: Blue, Clear, Green, Pink, Purple, Red

Water Resistant
GL - 11001
Ball Drops

Alternating 1",
2" & 3" Balls   
Mono Filament

Size: 8' long

Colors: Silver
Metallic & Clear